Blessing Nwodo

Professional Makeup Artist

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and the makeup artist on set! Blessing Nwodo is a Professional Makeup Artist whose always had a passion for creative arts at a young age. 


Before transitioning from Nigeria, she began channeling her artistic ability towards cosmetics and has worked relentlessly to develop her skills by constantly watching and practicing the art of makeup.


As a self-taught makeup artist Blessing was also able to gain comprehensive knowledge and experience in skincare. At Kavita Skincare-NYC, she interned alongside a board certified dermatologist for over 5 years, making skincare treatment one of her specialties. 


BeautyByBless is now based in New York where over the years has gained many high praises and accolades for her flawless work on her clients from all over the Northeast Region.


Her greatest gift is the ability to focus on the details using unique cosmetic techniques and processes to enhance her client’s appearance, bringing out color and features  or hiding and smoothing out flaws. 


She creates Beauty and her goal is to bring joy to each of her clients with quality makeovers for their special occasion.  


The Artist